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Okay … today I am going to write something about me , about my disorder or malfunction of my brain you can say . If any psychology person is reading this please do tell me about it . I am keeping this blog untitled , help me to find that disorder and title for this blog too

So, it started 3 years ago . One of my friend lives near Satara district. In a town named ‘Kelghar solshi ‘ . We study in same college in Mumbai . Whenever she used to go to her home town on vacations she used to upload pictures of her family , house and etc . Here comes my issue . Whenever i used to see those insta stories or the WhatsApp status of her , I used feel a kind of attraction towords that place , those customs and her lifestyle etc .

Attraction led to curiosity and curiosity led me to search and collect things about those places . Few happiness from my collection.

Before one year, I met some guy ( One whom I mentioned in my blog Night on the beach and I visited his place too . And you people know how I got to know about that place ) So Whenever I see pictures of that place i.e Dahanu , I feel so obsessed about it . I feel like I also want to live at that place .

Yes .. I know people have crush on people and I keep having crush on places

Weekend ends

So no time stories now .

We started exploring lonavla . We switched our GPS on and searched for nearest tourist spot .

You’ll surely find lonavla beautiful unless you know that there is nothing that worth visiting the place.

These are few spots you can go visit for the first time ;

Bhushi dam

Lonavla lake

Kune falls

Lion point

Wax museum

I already had been there twice before . So this time I really didn’t wanted to waste time on same thing .. so we did something different. And we had walk in the nearby villages. We went to the lake ( not there where everyone else goes . But somewhere where the view was really incredible) And got some good clicks . And returned to resort .

We relaxed in the pool for an hour or two . And then we finally waved goodbye to our weekend.

(P.S .If you are not Indian or not maharashtrian try lonavla chikkii for sure . You won’t regret ♡ )

Yes , GAIL KPPL means .. it’s your life .. live like you want to .. own the last chance you have .. be the reason of your own happiness ♡

Thank you so much for reading.


Saturday 9.45pm

We enquired resort manager and he somehow managed taxy for Vaidu and we lest one member of our squad. Now it was just me and annu .

Saturday 10.00pm

Vaidu left . And our pool side balcony turned into boring  backside balcony (with all the Bhangaar stuff ). We somehow changed our mood and moved out from the resort to hunt some food places nearby.

Saturday 10.30pm

We asked  guard for any food place nearby other than the resort we were staying . We took walk to the highway. It started raining.  That was first attempt of our fate to make our mood lighter . Cold winds were blowing in the drizzling rain . And we found one Chinese thela  on road side .

Saturday 11.00pm

That thela wale bhaiyya served us an amazing plate of tripple rice .

Dhimi baarish thandi thandi hawaa.. sunsaan highway… aurr .. spicy Chinese.. abhi aurr kuch nahi chahiye zindagi se ..

Saturday  12.00

We came back to the resort.  We met there another face of happiness; snooker pool!!

Sunday 1.30am

Haanji samay kaise bit gaya pata hi nahi chala…

We went to the pool side . It was still raining . We sat ther with our legs in the pool . We played some good music on our phone . The moment was worth living in.

Haseen raat ho… jigree yaar saath ho … mukammal na ho woh pal .. agar do kashh ki na sath ho …

Sunday: 8 pm

We woke up and got ready to head out and hunt the Lonawla . We had breakfast in our resort.  ( breakfast was worth praising  . All kind of food was served on buffet . Poha , chai , coffee, fruits,  puri bhaji , idli , dosa and the muffins were the best part of that meal )

Ugly Saturday

Saturday(morning/ noon ) : 12.00 pm

We woke up in the morning and realized that we’ve missed our breakfast and half of our Saturday! We got freshen up and had our dinnerWe got freshen up and had our dinner.

Saturday: 4 pm

We didn’t have any perfect weekend plan yet. Although we decided to take next train to the Puna and we all started packing our stuff .

Saturday:4.35 pm

We caught the train for puna . We had no reservations but we had tickets. And now it was time for us to book place for our weekend. Yes , after a lot of search we booked a very good resort of Lonawla .

Saturday: 8.30 pm

We reached lonawla .

(It’s time to reveal that this ‘we’ consists of only three people that is me , annu and vaidu . And” me” was not the part of the above cheos , cause I had my own cheos . That I left the hostel in the morning and I went to visit one of my friend who lives near panvel . And I traveled all the way long from panwel to kalyan via thane and caught the train to the puna with my squad and my bag pack . I must say that was another thrill of my life with the mumbai locals . It really felt heroic.)

We took rickshaw to reach the resort which was luckily nearby to the station.

Saturday : 9.15 pm

We reached the resort. Manager person showed us our rooms with pool side view (whooaaa!!) . I and annu went down to do the payments.

Saturday: 9.30 pm

Bammnn!! Disaster enters !!

Vaidu came running to us .. cause it was phone from her home and there was an emergency . She had to leave for her home anyhow as soon as possible.

To be contd..

Weekend !!!

Thursday 4pm:

I was seating in the chair with my allotted patient in prostho department. And I was all tired of working in the plaster room and taking impressions consistently since 4 days. I was just thinking about Saturday and sunday off and suddenly I drawn into the fantasy of my pool weekend . As soon as the posting ended I ran to my picnic squad and asked them to plan something

Thursday 6pm:

We decided to spend our weekend in chilling at any resort or a camping site . only issue was to get parents permission (Cause we weren’t still earning)

Friday 9 pm :

(although we leave from college at 4.30 but we really don’t belong to this real world between 5 pm to 9pm on fridays. Cause I have read it somewhere that people don’t exist when they are asleep . )

Squad members assembled in my room and we started searching places for our perfect weekend.

Friday 10 pm :

We were all lying on the bed , scrolling our Instagram feed and waiting for the dinner call .

Those hazel eyes..

Neelakuranji: They had bloomed lately in the winter of 2018.

‘I was 13 ..when I realized.. there was nothing else I loved more than these hazel eyes.. but I knew it .. it was really tough to love them was really tough to see them .. but I decided.. I won’t back off.. I won’t loose the hopes .. one day …I will surely be there in front of them confessing my love ‘.

Every person on earth has their own wishlist .. So … it’s all about my fantasy to see the most beautiful neelakuranji’s flowers that blooms after every 12-14 years at Shola forest on Nilgiri Hills. Additionally I want to capture it’s gynoecium in my camera where I’ll really find ‘Those Hazel eyes’.

Kaarwaan ..

Akela hi chala tha Janib-A-manzil magar, log judte chale gaye or karwaan banta gaya

Recently I saw the movie karwaan , and I started missing all of my chhotimoti specifically unplanned trips.

The movie is very intresting, may be just for travlesick people like me . Whole movie revolves arrond exchanging of dead bodies . But while all this chaos they have shown the mesmerizing beauty of southwestern part of India . Their chaotic journey begins at Bangalore and ends at kochi . Meanwhile they visit Ooti and few other parts of kerala .

Khuli aankhen dekhen manzar naya sa hai.. dekho raahen pooche manzil meri kya hai..
Is safar ki wajah hai ye farz ya saza…

This movie reminds me of one of my small but chaotic unplanned weekend trip . About which I’ll be writing the next blog .

(P.S.Please do listen to this song :-))

Thank you so much for reading.

Kailash Temple -Ellora

Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it. Michelangelo

Yes ! Every single block of stone has a statue inside it and specially in case of ellora caves there’s a cave that is featured by a single largest monolithic rock excavation, which has been sculpted into the large sculpture of Kailash temple .

Ellora is a complete packege of beautiful sculpture of different deities , that includes many Buddha caves , a big Vishwakarma cave along with the Kailash temple.

There are 100 caves in toto among which only 34 caves are open for visitors . These consist of 17 Hindu caves , 12 Buddha caves and 5 Jain caves . These caves are situated approximately 29 kms away from the auranvabad city .

Cave 16 is center of attraction i.e. kailash temple. It is the largest of all and very beautiful. As we enter the caves 1stly we get introduced to this cave 16. It’s major area consist of big garbha griha in which there is linga yoni and spire shaped like mountain kailash. Walls are carved with statues of ganga,indra, agni, vayu,surya and even there is twelve episodes of childhood of krishna bhagwan .

mesmerizing beauty of ellora caves introduces us the beautiful artistic hands of people lived in that period.

I hope this will give you all a brief idea about ellora caves .

Thank you so much for reading.

Birth of a traveler in me

It was the end of the first decade of the 21st century. I was in 4th grade. My summer vacation was coming to an end.I was eagerly waiting for the first rain. Especially I was waiting for the rains of the holy Shravan month. Shravan is a Hindu month in which all Hindus worship Lord Shiva.

That time I lived in Aurangabad. there’s a kailash temple near Aurangabad in Ellora village. It was our custom to visit the Kailash temple in every Shravan and worship Lord Shiva.

At that time I was too young to know about travelling and exploring places. But every year I used to wait for that day. When my daddy used to take me on his bike and we used to travel miles in raining showers.

Shivering little me used to cling to the back of my daddy . And while passing through the valleys I always used to imgine myself running behind those purple butterflies , dancing under the waterfalls and running towords the mountain tops.

But this tiny trips made me realize that I really love mountains..that I really love rains .. that I really love traveling..